Data gathering forms

Many forms that need to be developed quickly are simply forms that are designed to gather data. This could be forms to purchase products and services, collect insurance details, open accounts, make reservations etc. The following screen shot shows a typical data gathering form.


On this form Rapid Layout has been used to align the labels on the left hand side. The labels are aligned vertically against each text boxes and right aligned horizontally against the vertical guide. The vertical guide is constrained so that is allows just enough space for the largest text label. The horizontal guide separates the data gathering controls from the OK, Apply, Cancel buttons. These buttons are chained together and connected to the right hand edge of the form. In addition they have been grouped together so that the button widths are all the same size.

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Typical Windows Forms

Rapid Layout .NET enables a developer or user interface designer to quickly build windows forms. This page presents some common forms as they are seen in the Visual Studio designer using Rapid Layout.


List editing

This type of form has a list of items on the left. Often this is single list but could be a multi column table. On the bottom there is a text box for editing the current item or for adding new items. On the right hand side there are buttons for rearranging the list or adding and deleting items. Using Rapid Layout the item editor is perfectly aligned with the list and the buttons on the right are consistently sized to the largest button text in the group.